Friday, October 3, 2008

Support system

My spray tanning web copy went live last week. I emailed a link to my mother and husband so they could see it. My mom's reply arrived within an hour, and was full of motherly praise and pride. My husband's reply came yesterday, and said this:
"i know a guy who owns tanning beds around town.
shall i pass along your info?"
My husband, on occasion, puts his excellent schmoozing skills to work on my behalf. He has opened doors for me with a few prospective clients, and for that I am thankful. But he is not 100% supportive of my freelancing career.

Part of him is jealous that I love my job, while he does not love his. As a result, he feels the need to occasionally make snide remarks like "did you have a rough day today?" and "if you get a spare minute, can you do some laundry?" Because I work from home, he assumes I sleep late and then watch TV all day. Today, via email, he said "you're up early" when in reality I just happened to be checking personal email earlier than usual. And unless I have absolutely nothing else to do (or am avoiding doing the requested laundry or other household chores, heh heh), I don't generally turn on the TV until I take a break for lunch. Yes, I have been known to work in my pajamas . . . the point is, I am working.

Another part of him worries about stability. I can't fault him for this--I too worry about not having enough work, but my business is growing and I would rather focus my energy on being a success than on not being a success. A former coworker gave me a copy of The Secret when I left the cubefarm job. While I don't believe that the universe is just waiting for me to ask before fulfilling my wildest dreams, I do believe that you reap what you sow. And when it comes to my livelihood, I'm sure as heck going to sow the best seeds I can get my hands on.

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Angie Ledbetter said...

Keep sowing! There'll be plenty who love to add the fertilizer. ;)