Thursday, July 24, 2008

To Snuff, or not to Snuff

I'm reading Chuck Palahniuk's new book, Snuff. I keep reading his books because I loved Fight Club, but honestly I don't really like his writing style. It's a chore to read his work, regardless of how good the story may be.

is due back to the library tomorrow (due to a bunch of titles I reserved coming in at the same time, I'm experiencing a bit of backlog), and I am debating whether to keep it and just accrue the late fees (it's a new title, so I can't renew it), or return it.

I really hate starting a book and not finishing it. I have slogged through books that I cannot stand (Smilla's Sense of Snow and Between the Bridge and the River) just to avoid the feeling of failure I would get from not finishing them.

But I don't hate Snuff. It's no Fight Club, and as I said Palahniuk's writing style is difficult to follow, but I don't hate it. So I think that I'll continue reading it, late fees be damned.

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