Wednesday, July 23, 2008


You can tell a lot about people by looking at their methods of organization. For example:
  1. A place for everything, and everything in its place: Looking for a pen? You'll find one in the container labeled "pens". Want to know where he or she was on Tuesday, January 15th? Just check their organizer. Invite this type of organizer to help you move--your boxes will be meticulously packed and labeled.
  2. Controlled chaos: That invoice from last Tuesday is in the 3rd pile from the left. Play Jenga or Tetris with this type of organizer--just make sure you're on their team!
  3. A little from Column A, a little from Column B: Combining the best of both of the above methods, this type is organized, but not obsessively so. Trust them to schedule your next after-work social.
  4. Uncontrolled chaos: Where'd I leave my keys? My phone? My kids? A former boss fell into this category--she'd edit something I wrote, use the paper to blot her lipstick, and then give it back to me.
I would say I'm a #3 with strong #1 tendencies. What about you--do you fall into one of the categories above, or do you have another method?


kells said...

I'm a #3 with mild #2 habits. The #2 is present only in specific places within the house- a stack of clothes on my dresser, piles of books only on the coffeetable.

I'm a #1 on the job.

The man who shares my bed at night has his own special habit- leave large objects in weird places unbeknowst to me so that I wake up in the morning to find them. For example, leave a tray of fries with garlic aioli on the coffeetable, or, don't hang up a bathtowel or dirty laundry, just let it lie in the hallway.

Any name for this method?

writtenexpressions said...


Elfboy said...

I'm totally a number 3.