Friday, July 18, 2008

A creative environment

Walking around the agency office today, I was struck by the difference between that office space and the office I used to work in. Granted, they are completely different industries--creative vs healthcare--so I shouldn't be that surprised at the different vibe, but it's just a completely different feeling.

After 6 1/2 years in a cubefarm, I was really turned off by the idea of ever setting foot in an office again. Now I realize it wasn't the concept of working in an office that I was railing against, it was that particular culture and environment. Even though the office space was decorated in a hip, modern way, it still somehow came off as sterile and void of personality. And even though I had creative elements in my personal workspace, they were overshadowed by the cold, soul-sucking nature of the bureaucracy in which I worked.

Not so with the agency. In yesterday's post I mentioned some of the fun stuff, like the signage on the bathroom doors (the inside of the door I quoted, incidentally, said "please use soap"), the decor and the free lunches. Today, I noticed that nearly every surface served as a canvas for creativity: corkboard walls, shelves of inspiration in the form of magazines and books, the individuality expressed through decorations of personal space.

I realized the impact that one's surroundings can have on creativity, motivation and overall job satisfaction. And I did a little dance of happiness that I was a refugee from the cubefarm.


Lori said...

Makes a huge difference, I agree. Some of my most memorable places to work were those that had the employees' signature styles included.

kells said...

The supportive environment makes all of the difference in the world. Even if one is having a bad day, so to speak, or facing job challenges, the positive atmosphere and behavior of superiors make it much easier to weather.

Elfboy said...

I want to work there. Nuff said.