Monday, June 23, 2008

The results are in

I finally did make my remaining follow-up calls (on Friday). The outcome of 5 of the 6 calls was as follows:
  • Left 1 voicemail message
  • 2 lines just kept ringing (no voicemail in this day and age?!?!)
  • 1 was disconnected (a little internet investigation uncovered that the shop had closed and she is now only running an online business)
  • 1 asked me to bring another brochure by this week, in case the owner had misplaced the first one
The outcome of the 6th call was pretty funny. I had reservations about even sending this person a mailing because of some things I've heard about how he treats his customers. But I did it anyway, and the follow-up went a little like this:

ME: Hi Mr. So-and-So, this is Amie Horan. I'm a freelance writer and editor in the neighborhood, and I'm calling to follow up on a letter I sent you about a week and a half ago.
MR. SO-AND SO: Oh yes, I remember getting that--you run . . . what's your company called again?
ME: Written Expressions.
MR. SO-AND SO: Right, right . . .
ME: So as you know from the letter, I am reaching out to other small businesses in the neighborhood to see if there's anything I can do to help in terms of marketing materials, websites . . .
MR. SO-AND SO: (cutting me off) Well Amie, I used to write for the State Legislature, so I do all my own stuff.
ME: (in my head) Oh, and that makes you a good writer . . . legislation is really compelling reading!
ME: (out loud) Oh, I see! You're lucky--most business owners don't make good writers, or if they are good writers they don't have the time to do it because they're too busy running their businesses.
MR. SO-AND SO: Yeah, well, I guess I am lucky. I have people calling me to write their stuff!
ME: Well, if you ever decide you want some help, give me a call!

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