Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Getting my name out there

In my first post, I mentioned that I do not like to network. In all truth, I'm pretty uncomfortable with self-promotion of any sort. But it is a necessary evil, so last week--on the anniversary of my last day at my 9-to-5 cube farm job--I sent out another round of letters, brochures and business cards to businesses in my neighborhood. The first time I did this, I ended up with one GREAT client, so I figured it was worth another shot.

In my letter, I told the recipients that I would follow up with them. I am a woman of my word, so I started making calls yesterday. Ugh. I hate it! I don't know why I get so worked up about it, but I do. I find myself desperately trying to find something else to do (like write 2 blog entries within 2 hours, for example . . .).

I have 6 more calls to make. Will I get them done today? Maybe I should take the "bandage removal" approach and just get it over with quickly. Or maybe I'll just wait until after lunch . . .

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