Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bad nature!

There is a bird in my yard that will not shut up (this is not a picture of that bird, it's just the only bird picture I have without going on a hunt for one). And it may soon drive me crazy. It's not one of those melodious birds, it's a one-hit wonder. "Cheep! Cheep! Cheep! Cheep!"

Every chirp exactly like the one before it, the pause in between chirps exactly the same length as the previous pause.

The darn thing has been going at it since I sat down at my computer this morning. Every once in a while it will take a minute off, but even then, I hear it in my mind. It's making it very hard to concentrate on anything. Oh wait, here's something new: the bird has added a new bit to its repertoire. Now I hear "Cheep! Cheep! Cheep! (chirp) Cheep! Cheep! Cheep! (chirp)".

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