Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What a world

This weekend, I saw a commercial for a product called Bumpits. At first I thought I was having a NyQuil-induced hallucination, but no--Bumpits are gadgets that one can clamp in one's hair to add volume and style. And, I'm sad to report, Bumpits are not edible:

In what kind of world are we living where that warning needs to be stated? They don't look particularly appetizing. I can't imagine they smell like food. And why that particular warning over any other? How did "not edible" win out over "not for use in the anus" or "not recommended for baldies"?


Lori said...

I saw that same commercial! I'm a bit more disturbed by the fact that women out there may actually want big-assed hair. The 80s called - they said "Don't do it!"

hi_missy said...

I was subjected to this commercial yesterday. Honestly, I didn't notice the warnings; I just sat and stared in disbelief. Seriously? Someone will pay $20 for a piece of plastic to make their hair big?