Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Goals and randomness

As I begin the last month of the first quarter of 2009, my thoughts turn to taxes, which reminds me of the goal I set for myself back in January.

As a means of measuring my progress toward goal (and providing visual evidence of my success or failure), I created a little chart for myself. Happily, I exceeded my monthly monetary goal for both January and February. Filling in the spaces between those tick marks is nearly as satisfying as crossing something off a list!

  • Heart monitor booty call: The newness wore off at precisely 3:35 Sunday morning, when someone called my heart monitor (which, lest ye forget, nothing more than a glorified Sprint cell phone) asking for Tanya . Also, my sensitive skin does not respond well to the adhesive on the electrodes (I will be switching to hypoallergenic ones today).
  • The crud: My flu turned the corner on Saturday afternoon. I am much improved, and can breathe through at least one of my nostrils at all times. So far, the hubby is uninfected, which is a blessing. He's quite a whiner when he's sick.
  • Prospects: I got an email from a gentleman I met with a few weeks ago, and it looks like I will be working with him on some web copy and possibly another project. I should also be getting details on other projects from two other clients within the month.
  • Weather: I noticed the other day that my daffodils and crocuses (croci?) are starting to pop up, albeit not in the same places they popped up last year and certainly not where I planted them several years ago . . . stupid squirrels. Sadly, it snowed last night so Spring has not quite sprung--but it's lurking nearby!


Angie Ledbetter said...

Love your little goals graphic. I'm a list checker too.

Sorry about the heart monitor late call! Ug. But glad your creeping crud is letting up.

writtenexpressions said...


Lori said...

Croci. And I'd blame moles or voles for the bulb movement. Or shifts in the earth's crust or trolls or...

Too bad you don't have a message on your monitor - "You have reached Amie's heart monitor. Amie's heart is busy keeping Amie upright at the moment, as I'm sure Tanya's mother is. Please hang up and let me get back to work, you pathetic loser."

writtenexpressions said...

Lori, I'm sticking with the squirrels--I've actually seen them at work--although I suppose voles could be complicit (no moles in my 'hood).

I got a call from the heart monitor people this morning asking how I was feeling, because apparently something triggered that I didn't record manually. So that was fun.