Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 4 of statistical analysis . . . dreamed of data tables all night . . . brain oozing out ears . . .

But on the bright side . . .
  • The data promises to yield some pretty interesting things that can be parlayed into a presentation and report, both of which I will get to work on.
  • Only a week left of wearing my cardiac event monitor--I will be ever so happy to ship it back from whence it came, and to once and for all get the electrode adhesive off my skin (my chest and abdomen are starting to look like I've been attacked by a rabid pack of linty suckerfish).
  • AND, I met with my cousin last night, who is studying to be a web designer, about creating a new look for my blog and web site in exchange for some copy editing on his web site and a burrito from Chipotle (he's a poor, starving college student). Good deal, I think.

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