Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Statistically speaking

At the end of 2008, many of my fellow bloggers posted superlative lists on the performance and readership of their blog--most read, most commented on and the like. I intended to do something similar, but as it so often does, life got in the way.

I managed to shoo life out of the room for a few minutes, so I thought I would take advantage of the calm between storms to calculate and write up my 2008 superlatives.

Most-read: More than a quarter of my readers checked out my series of rants about postresumehere.com (the fact that one of my labels for this post is "postresumehere" practically ensures that it will be one of my most-read of 2009--mwa ha ha ha!).

Most comments: I don't get a ton of comments, but the post in which I asked readers to subscribe to my blog received 15 (due in no small part to Angie giving me some free publicity). Well, they may be pity comments, but they still count!

Readers from farthest away: One percent of my readers visit from Singapore, which is approximately 9,500 miles from Ohio. Two percent, according to Sitemeter, were from "Unknown," but as I don't know where "Unknown" might be geographically , I am declaring Singapore the winner (Tahnia, Singapore!).

Funniest browser search resulting in a hit to my blog: It's unfortunate that I can only track the last 100 hits, because I have seen some really hilarious referrals. But of the ones I can still see, "novelties shaped like feet" and "where's the party at bitch" are the most entertaining. I'm sure the poor suckers who hit upon my blog instead of their foot-shaped novelties or party destinations feel differently.

So there you have it. Better late than never.


Kathryn Magendie said...

Aw lawd -yes, those "google hits" -- I had one that read, "Shave Diane Weists's legs..." huhn. One was "watching your sister pee in the forest..." eyeww--now how did that lead to my blog, I don't know.

Happy Blogging!

writtenexpressions said...

Those are awesome!

Angie Ledbetter said...

Glad you got some hits from bloggy friends! :) I think the blog analytics are so fascinating. The one I use shows visitors' locations all over the globe. (Statcounter?)

Happy 09, lady!

writtenexpressions said...

Thanks again Angie!