Wednesday, January 7, 2009


One of the art directors I work with loathes the font Papyrus. I'm not completely sure why. I recall hearing him mutter something about it being over-used, but that alone doesn't justify his seething hatred of a silly little font (that may be the most hypocritical thing I've ever typed--I've been known to get downright surly over far less consequential things . . . but I digress).

Apparently, he's not the only designer who is strongly anti-Papyrus.

A quick Google search revealed that Papyrus is on more than a few "most wanted" lists:
  • Modern Life lambastes not only Papyrus but also four other poor unsuspecting fonts (it's unfortunate that Modern Life hasn't been updated since 2007, because it seems like there might be some good advice in it for writers as well as designers).
  • This list stopped at seven. Perhaps blogger Lauren McMahon was too disgusted to continue.
Then there are the sites that chronicle the usage of the font in the design world:
  • Not only does Papyrus Watch record instances of Papyrus abuse, it does so using the very same font it maligns. Well-played!
  • I'm on the fence as to whether I [heart] Papyrus is intended to be sarcastic or if Joe Wagner does, indeed, heart Papyrus. You decide.
Even Chris Costello, the font's creator, seems to have a love/hate relationship with it. In 2007, he invited the world to criticize his baby.

And finally, there's a Facebook group called Down With PAPYRUS font! It currently boasts 349 members. Perhaps my art director friend can become #350.


Angie Ledbetter said...

I must be out of the font loop. Mostly familiar with TNR and Courrier. Oh, and have seen a few WingDings. Gonna have to go compose an email just to see what all the Payrus fuss is about. :)

Lori said...

What a scream! This post is hilarious! I love that even fonts are subjected to our personal quirks. :))

writtenexpressions said...

What I left out was that I think it's a pretty font . . . overused perhaps, but still pretty. I used it when I designed business cards for my jewelry-making business.

Kathryn Magendie said...

I had to go to my word doc and see what papyrus was – huhn. I wonder if it will show up on the comment in papyrus…teehee.

Dang - it converted it as soon as I pasted it ...laugh.

TNR or Courrier - and I prefer TNR.

BUt shoo-ee some of those fonts are cute.