Monday, September 1, 2008

It's my month!

Today marks the beginning of Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month. Paaaartayyyyyy! It is also the day I celebrate the removal of the monkey on my back that is my obsession with the Helium rating system. ***RANT ALERT*** As of 9:45 last night, my article was ranked 35th out of 206. As of this post, it is ranked 105th of 325. Now, 15 years after my last math class, I finally understand math teachers' obsession with showing your work. In what world does that math make sense? Whatever, I'm over it. Today is the deadline. It was a good article. It's out of my hands now. ***END OF RANT***

Later this month, I will celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day (the 19th) and National Punctuation Day (the 24th).

I will not be celebrating Line Dance Week (beginning on the 8th), as I am morally opposed to line dancing.

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