Thursday, September 11, 2008

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens . . .

Rummaging through my pen cup last night, I found a fountain pen my best friend gave me when we were in high school. Man, I loved writing with that pen. It didn't matter what I was doing--journaling, doodling, taking notes in class--it always came out cool. Unfortunately, I didn't take very good care of it, and the nib is now a rusty, unusable mess.

I went online to see if this particular pen--a Pelikan Pelikano--is still being made. It isn't, but there is a new model, and it comes in really cool colors (as well as a left-handed model!!). Perhaps I'll take a field trip down to the fountain pen store in my neighborhood (I bet your neighborhood doesn't have a fountain pen store!) and see if they have or can order me one.

I love a good writing utensil. Not only is it an office supply, it's a communication device. It's like a double-whammy of my favorite things. So maybe after I hunt for a new fountain pen, I'll swing by Office Max and pick up a pack of Black Warrior pencils. Not only are they the best pencils on the block, but they also boast the sexiest catalog description: "Executive style round barrel with sophisticated black matte lacquer finish."

And I'm not the only Black Warrior fan out there:

To my fellow word nerds: what's your weapon of choice?

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kells said...

Post-it notes. Especially in rainbow colors. I love the way the flair ink of my pen stays put and the paper itself is thick enough to handle handwriting pressure as well as maintain it's structure but thin enough to fold. I would love post it note stationery but haven't found any for a decent price.

Post-it notes are also very handy on the road and in my purse, fit in my wallet, a la grocery list, and can be easily attained but just as discreet. I also derive some sort of goofy pleasure writing letters an a series of post-it notes, maybe it's the smallness of it all.