Monday, September 22, 2008

Odds and ends

There are several things I want to write about, and none of them are exciting enough to drag them out over several days of blog posts. So . . .
  • Electricity, eee-lec-tricity! We got our power fully restored around 8 last night, by a crew from North Carolina. Ohio AEP sent a lot of its crews to Texas to help with their power restoration, so we had to rely on crews from other states to help US out. They've been working 14-hour days, and yet they were still pleasant and helpful, unlike some residents of Central Ohio who apparently have been less than cordial (think throwing bottles and spitting at the crewmen).
  • 41 out of 324 ain't bad . . . My most recent article for the Helium Marketplace has transitioned to the main Helium site, which means it wasn't chosen for publication. But that's okay, because now you can read it for yourselves. Oh, wait a minute--now I'm 67 of 324. I forgot that articles can still be rated once it leaves the Marketplace. Oh, wait another minute--you can't see it yet because of some technical difficulties on the Helium site. I guess I'll post a link later.
  • Calling all costumers: It's officially Fall, which for me means it's time to start thinking of Halloween costumes. We generally attend 1 or 2 theme parties, and at this point I only know one of the themes: Circus Freaks. Any suggestions?


kells said...


How about an ultra modern day circus freak, like a two headed Katie Holmes, one head is still in love with Tom and is a Scientologist, the other is rational and says "Please help me get out!"

[Oh no! I've actually made fun of the Scientologists! And none of them have ever poked fun at other groups of people! They certainly are not hypocrites!]

How about going as an open minded Bill O'Reilly? You know, like one who is polite and likes to listen to other people's points of view?

Or mix it with technology- do you know anyone who can make you a costume that will turn you into a human Segway? That would be cool.

writtenexpressions said...

All good ideas, although execution might be a little more difficult on some than on others!

kells said...

I like to dream.

Lori said...

Let there be light in Ohio!

Circus Freaks - bearded ladies. Easy! One-ton men. Tape "weights" to your clothing.

The best "odd" costume I ever saw was a woman at a party wearing a pair of wings. She had Kotex stuck all over her. I asked. She said, "Maxi pad with wings."