Friday, August 8, 2008

This is NOT a job for a writer/editor

This ad, posted under the title "Writer/Editor", was on Craigslist this morning:


-Prepares reports and analysis for the purpose of forecasting title demand and making recommendations for initial and replenishment order quantities. Collaborates with Editorial, Marketing, Finance, Custom, and International to arrive at quantity recommendations. Ensures documented inventory management process is followed.
-Collaborates with Manufacturing in forecasting/prescheduling work, obtaining pricing requests, and ensuring stock is delivered in time to meet sales needs. Also works with Manufacturing on special projects as needed.
-Monitors reprint requirements by monitoring reorder points and/or other reprint trigger reports. Recommends reprint quantities that optimize PP&B (Print, Paper & Binding) while balancing potential inventory obsolescence.
-Monitors back orders and manage inventory levels to ensure out-of-stock situations are minimized. Works with Customer Service or Item Master staff to provide alternative solutions when dealing with out-of-stock or out-of-print situations.
-Reviews inventory levels and prepare reports, analysis, and recommendations for the purpose of identifying return, discounting, remaindering and scrapping opportunities as applicable for the business unit. Following stakeholder input, ensures decisions are implemented.

I flagged it as "miscategorized". I really hope it was just a mistake on their part, because if they really expect a writer or editor to do this job they are insane. Or they have some grudge against writers and editors and this is some evil scheme to suck out their souls one "inventory management process" at a time. There's no writing. There's no editing. There is a lot of bureaucratic and administrative nastiness, which is just cruel and unusual punishment.

Oh, and I'm happy to report that somebody flagged that other Craigslist ad I wrote about. I went back later that day to flag it myself, but it had already been removed.

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