Thursday, June 4, 2009

Um, thanks?

Finally, an organization has realized that I'm one of the country's most accomplished professional women . . . I was tempted to send back the reply card because they claim there's no fee and I'd like to see what "membership" actually entails. Then I remembered a post of Lori's from April and thought better of it. It may or may not be the same group, but I have a feeling it's equally shady. So, National Association of Professional Women, thanks . . . but no thanks.


Lori said...

Bingo! :)

Lori said...

Note how they say "No fee to be included." That doesn't mean no fee forthcoming, believe me. It's a hefty one, too. I was "offered" membership for 5 years for $529. Up front. By credit card. Over the phone. No. No.

Mind you, the fee spread out over five years does seem standard, but I didn't care for the tactics, nor did I ever see evidence that what they said I'd receive was actually there.

Amie said...

Thanks for the validation Lori--glad to know my BS detector is in working order!

Lori said...

It's working perfectly. :) What I can't verify, but I suspect, is this group is behind the call from a "client" claiming to have tried calling me for weeks with no response and she was taking her business elsewhere. Here's the thing - I have caller ID and two answering/voice mail services. If you're legitimate, why would this be the ONLY message you left?

Like I said, no verification, but much suspicion. I was getting up to 6 calls a day from this group to both my home and cell phone. THAT is harassment.