Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sirens and steaks

My onsite work load has dwindled a bit this month, so I took an afternoon off last week. The hubby and I (have I mentioned he quit his job a month ago? Well, he did. But that's another story.) went to the gym, happy to beat the after-work crowd.

We came home to find two fire trucks in front of our house--after a brief freak-out, we realized the firefighters were at our neighbor's house, so we crossed the street to make sure everybody was okay (they were--no fire, just a blown-out pilot light that was misinterpreted as a gas leak).

Walking back to our house, we intercepted the UPS delivery guy, who was also on his way to our place. In his hands was a Styrofoam container addressed to little ol' me. The shipping label indicated it was from Pfaelzer Brothers (an online gourmet food store), and that it had been sent by my agency client. Inside the box were four filet mignons, accompanied by a note that read "Here's to a great summer."

Here's to a great summer indeed--for all of us!

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