Monday, June 1, 2009

The 200

This is my 200th post. That may not seem monumental to any of you who have had blogs for more than a year or for those of you who post daily (or multiple times throughout the day!) . . . and frankly it's not really that big of a deal to me either, but it's a nice round number so I'm gonna celebrate it.

Huzzah! 200 posts! Okay, I feel much better now.

Things seem to be slowing down with my agency client (no looming deadlines = no need for me to be there eight hours a day), which leaves me free to explore some other opportunities. The creative staffing firm emailed me last week with a possible project, so I plan to follow up with them. I think I'll also try to hit some networking events and maybe do some marketing around the neighborhood. I also plan to enjoy the downtime while I can get it!


Lori said...

Only a writer would use a word like "Huzzah!" instead of "Yay!" :)

Happy 200th post, hon. :))

Angie Ledbetter said...

Happy 200th, and many more! Hope your free time brings good opportunities.