Monday, April 6, 2009

Empty Nest

The presentation on which I spent the majority of my billable hours over the past three weeks was given yesterday to a group of pharmacists at the American Pharmacists Association annual meeting and exposition. I received a text from my agency client yesterday afternoon that it went well, and will learn more later today.

As excited as I am to have it finished and delivered, I feel a little empty inside. While I can now laugh about the day I lost two hours' worth of work because PowerPoint tanked and autosave wasn't turned on, it was comforting to spend so many hours and days creating slides, monkeying with the copy, animating the graphics and getting the whole thing perfectly aligned and timed. I find myself asking, "What next?"

I suspect this must be similar to how it feels when a mother sends her child off to college. Only I don't have to worry about paying anyone's tuition!

And honestly, I know the answer to my question. Next, I get to work on writing the report based on the findings that were just presented. And I catch up on all the other work that I put on a back burner.


Lori said...

Did you sit in the middle of the room and cry like a baby? That's how I was when my youngest left. :))) And if you did, uh, you need to get out more. LOL

The upside is now you can cash a large check. :)

Amie said...

Ha, no I didn't cry . . . I was ready to let it go.