Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Just for the heck of it, I parted my hair on the opposite side today. Not only does it feel weird, but looking at myself in the mirror is like looking at a complete stranger who bears a striking resemblance to me.

The change has had another, less predictable result, which I just discovered when I sat down to type this post. Typing feels less natural, as though parting my hair on the wrong side has affected my left brain-right brain balance. My fingers are struggling to find the right keys. It is truly an odd sensation.

I'm wondering if it's safe for me to drive my car in this altered state, but I've got places to go and there's not enough time to redo my hair--be on the lookout for a news story about a woman in Central Ohio driving on the wrong side of the street!

This isn't what I intended to write about today . . . oh well. It's probably more interesting.


Lori said...

This is hysterical! But oh, is it true! I'm sitting here with my hair flopping in front of my face - I opted not to dry it with a dryer. It's totally unnerving!

writtenexpressions said...

That very night, there was a news report about a woman going the wrong way down the Interstate--happily, it wasn't me!