Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bits and pieces

Nothing specific to write about today, so this will just be a ramblin' piece.
  • There's a Christmas card for sale that features two young women in conversation on the cover. The word bubble over one's head says "Where's the holiday party at?" The word bubble over the other's head says "You shouldn't end a sentence in a preposition." The inside of the card says "Where's the holiday party at, bitch?" Made me laugh.
  • I will be filling in for the copy editor tomorrow and Friday, so I may not get to post again until Monday.
  • I've been invited to the holiday party that one of my clients is having. I'm looking forward to it, because they're a fun bunch of people!
  • I have to do my bookkeeping for last month. Bleh.
  • Check out's Feed It Forward site. From now until Christmas, they are offering free restaurant gift certificates. Once you register, you can send $10 gift certificates by email to friends, family, whomever. You're limited to three per day, but it's still a pretty cool idea.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice rambling session. I loved the card conversation. Sometimes we just need to get thoughts out of our heads. Hey, I plan to go the site right now.

Happy Holidays!