Thursday, November 6, 2008

All of the glory, none of the entry fees

There's a possibility that one of my clients may decide to enter some direct mail pieces (on which I did the copy) in a competition. I think they stand a good chance of winning, because the pieces are really good and they've gotten positive feedback from recipients.

I don't typically enter my work in competitions because I just can't bring myself to spend what is usually several hundred dollars on the entry fee. If I'm paying you $300 to critique my work, you darn well better give me an award!

But if somebody else is footing the bill, heck yeah--I'm all for it. You cut the check, client of mine, and I'll do everything else--read the fine print in booklet, write the 2-5 page "work plan," fill out the entry form, and make sure it's in the mail before the deadline.


Angie Ledbetter said...

Ooo, fingers crossed!

Barry said...

My wife is an artist (well alright, she's a school teacher who paints part time)and has just entered one of her paintings in a juried art show.

There was no entry fee, but if her painting sells, the gallery gets 25%.

So she jacked the value of her painting up 35% and entered.

Now I'm keeping my fingers crossed for both of you.

writtenexpressions said...

Thanks, both of you--and Barry, good luck to your wife!