Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wanna bet the t-shirt writer went to U of Michigan?

It's been a long stretch without a post...but I can't resist sharing this article (FYI, Michigan is Ohio State's big football rival, so the title of my post is for all the Buckeye fans out there):

On a side note, considering her choice of subject, I am going to choose to believe that the author is either British or chooses to write in the British style--because if not, she has a grammar fail in her article, too. Can you spot it?
"Hundreds of thousands of shirts...have been shipped to stores with the phrase 'Let's Go', sans apostrophe."


Lori said...

ACK!!! My eyes!!!!

She damn well better be British with puntuation like that!

Amie said...

Sorry Lori--send me your optometry bill (or your ophthalmology bill, if you looked right at it).