Monday, June 21, 2010


Last night, one of our local news programs reported on oil drilling in Point Hope, Alaska. Great attention was paid to the particulars of the story--the reporter balanced the pros and cons of drilling in water that is shallow (established safety measures) but ice-laden (aforementioned measures have not been proven in frozen waters). Locals were interviewed for their opinions. The economic and environmental impacts of drilling vs. not drilling were explored.

Before you nominate the piece for the journalistic award of your choosing, I should also mention that the caption that remained on-screen for the entire piece read "Point Hope, AL." Good going, Fox 28 News.


Lori said...

Oh my lord. They relocated Point Hope to Alabama. Oy.

Amie said...

Climate change is affecting the southern states worse than we thought!

Lori said...


Andrew said...

Hey Lori, long time no blog. I got a wild hair tonight and felt like posting, which I did, and then decided to see who is still online. How goes the writing / publishing?

As for the oil drilling (oil spilling?) situation, it's almost too sad to contemplate. Environmental scientists will be busy for decades measuring the effects of the current disaster in every corner of just about every body of water on the planet.