Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jet setter

The new job has been keeping me pretty busy. For the most part that's a good thing, as it makes the days fly by . . . but the bad thing about the days flying by is that I blink and the week has also flown by, and I still have a lot of stuff to do.

In a nice change of pace, I flew to Philadelphia Monday morning to attend a symposium on the Retail Clinic industry at the College of Physicians. I love that place because it's the home to my favorite Philly museum, The Mutter Museum. I arrived a few hours early, so I used the time to explore the two floors of medical oddities on display. Cheng and Eng's liver. Babies in jars. Human horns (fans of the show Futurama may get this reference: "wooooooooh!") I looooves me some good medical oddities. Had I been in the city for more than eight hours, or trapped in the symposium for fewer than three hours, I would also have tried to check out the Bodyworlds exhibit (not to be confused with Body Works, which is a similar but in a shadier, bodies-swiped-possibly-illegally-from-Asian-prisons kind of way) at the Franklin Institute . . . I saw it in Cleveland a few years ago and it rocked my world.

In the taxi heading back to the airport, I was treated to a lovely sunset. The sky was awash in pink and gold, and it was a fine way to end a day.


Jennifer Shirk said...

Jeez, Philly isn't far from me and I never heard of the Mutter Museum. I need to check that out!

Lori said...

Sorry I missed you! And I've been to that museum. I don't know how you do it. There was one room I avoided (the babies-in-jars room). Ew.

Let me know if your travels bring you back here. I'd love to spend a few hours perusing other things - maybe shoes this time?

Amie said...

Jennifer, only go if you have a strong stomach or really like medical oddities.

Lori, if I am ever there for more than a few hours I will let you know!