Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th (almost)

On the eve of the 233rd anniversary of our country's independence, I took a day off--sort of.

My agency client's office is closed today, and I have no other active projects. I did, however, have a telephone interview with a prospective client--it went well, and hopefully laid the foundations for a long and beautiful business relationship. My thanks go out to my friend and fellow entrepreneur Patty for the hook-up!

I also took my car in for service, which ate up a sizable chunk of my afternoon (who knew an oil change, tire rotation and complimentary car wash could take over two hours?). I'm now spending some time catching up on my Facebooking and blog reading and trying to decide what's for dinner. Suggestions?

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The Paper Whisperer said...

Color yourself lucky that it ONLY took 2 hours. Hope they had coffee and donuts for you while you waited. ;0) And I wish I had time to catch up on blog reading! Thanks for stopping by mine! Have a safe and happy 4th!