Monday, May 18, 2009


And now for another episode of Short Attention Span Theater:

  • The Columbus leg of the Race for the Cure happened on Saturday morning. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful turnout--around 45,000 people registered, and judging from the crowd most of them actually made it downtown.
  • Something is going on with my web site. I will need to investigate that soon.
  • I get to work on another round of edits to my report today--they are much less intimidating this time around, which is a good thing!
  • For the past few nights, I've had nothing but unpleasant dreams. It's getting annoying.
  • My hubby and I went to see the Spinal Tap: Unwigged and Unplugged tour last night. Michael McKean, Christopher Guest and Harry Shearer performed acoustic versions of songs from the various Spinal Tap albums, as well as from the movies A Mighty Wind and Waiting for Guffman. The witty banter and film clips between songs were nearly as entertaining as the songs themselves.

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